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Talent Acquisition

We understand that growth doesn’t always mean that Talent Acquisition has a full-time spot on your team - we’ve got you covered. Consider us your on-demand recruitment resource. We'll first tackle your immediate hiring needs then work with you to develop a long-term strategy using our industry-leading techniques and secret sauce. We can do a lot of things: Compliment your existing recruitment team, support newly promoted managers, take full ownership of your recruitment program or just dive head first into your immediate hiring needs. We’re agile so that you can be, too.


Strategic Sourcing

We shift recruitment from reactive panic to proactive planning. Let us build you a talent pool of engaged candidates who are crazy excited to work for you, whether that job opening comes up tomorrow or in six months. We design sourcing strategies that both attract the right talent to your company and actively target top performers in the industry, turning them into engaged candidates who are following you. We take sourcing seriously. It takes hustle for us to get your next star team member on your doorstep so we diligently do what we need to do to get them there including warm outreach, headhunting calls, and get this -- treating candidates like humans, not sales targets.


Culture, Retention & Engagement

We offer senior level HR services on tap, when you need it, short term, long term, or project based. We can complement existing HR teams who are short on bandwidth, support new managers, or build your HR function from scratch. We believe in guidelines over policy and in processes that create pathways not roadblocks. Whether you have a blank slate or a dozen HR programs that seem to just create work for you, we can help make it better. And for those HR policies that you just can’t get around, well, they suck but we’ll do our best to make them suck less.


Employer Branding

What are the five words a job applicant would associate with your company? Now, what five words do you want those to be? Employer branding is the marketing that the recruitment department has been lusting after — and we have it. We use digital marketing, design, social media and events strategy to shine a lasting spotlight on your organization and on what makes you unique. We’ll partner with you to discover, develop, and refine an employer brand that’ll turn heads and turn job applicants into raving fans. Sharp employer brands deliver higher quality applicants, a better candidate pool, fewer rejected offers and better employee experiences. It’s the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.


A fresh, holistic, agile approach. 


Why beacon?

Why ‘Beacon’? Nicole grew up by the sea in North Vancouver, took the Power Squadron course at age 16, the PADI Scuba Diving course at 22, taught swimming and lifeguarded for years, and she’s overall obsessed with ocean sports and adventuring. Our approach is like a beacon in the bay: A light that guides you. A beacon tells you where to look and where to go. A beacon directs one’s attention and shines light onto the course. A beacon gives a sense of calm and helps you navigate through the storm. That’s us, Beacon.


We’re not a staffing agency. We are people solutions practitioners and we do things a little differently than our industrial relations peers. We dislike one size fits all solutions because frankly, they don’t work. We work with an agile approach and can address today’s people problems, tomorrow’s, and next years’. We’ll partner with you and come up with a strategy that works best for your organization and your people and when time comes to change it, we’ll do just that.



HR is a dirty word when it’s slow, creates obstacles, and relies on outdated policies that don’t deliver results. We are not policy people. We aim to design solutions that are fast, fresh, and agile and we get excited about providing results that are both people friendly and Board of Directors approved.



We thrive in the bay of accountability and ownership. It’s what floats our boat. If people problems are keeping you up at night then hand over the reins and let us take accountability for turning the tide for you. We’ll take it on with pleasure and enthusiasm because what matters to you matters to us and that is the Beacon way.


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