January People & Culture Event Round-Up

January 15th:

Tech Ladies Vancouver Meetup (sponsored by Clio)

If you've been in the Vancouver tech space a while, no doubt you've heard about powerhouse company, Clio and their amazing team of movers and shakers in the legal software biz. To kick off 2019, Tech Ladies Vancouver wants to invite you and your friends to come and see what all the fuss is about out at Clio's cutting-edge space! They are especially excited for you to mingle in their office because they are currently hiring over 40 roles in all departments.

January 17th:

Informed HR Vancouver

The Informed HR Event offers you a wide range of expert-led content covering topics in employee engagement, health and wellbeing, total rewards, retention, plus many more including:

Future-Focused HR Leaders Panel: Strategies that can be put in place to ensure your organizational culture attracts top talent
Operationalizing Employee Wellness: Success stories showcasing how organizations can implement and sustain a healthy, productive and engaged workforce
Optimizing the Use of Technology: What HR leaders should be doing to develop talent for the digital age
Focus on Emerging Organizational Needs: How HR and line managers should respond to a changing economic outlook whilst advancing their business needs
Managing Millennials in the Multi-Generational Workplace: The role HR should take to encourage and empower the Millennial generation within the organization
Next-Generation Total Rewards Strategies: Implementing an effective total rewards program in the new world of work.

January 28th:

Intro to Blockchain | Why it's Important, How it Works, and its Key Applications

Attend a live 2-hours session and learn about Blockchain, the world's most transformative technology since the invention of the internet. Why it's important? How it works? What are its key applications? What is the right way to invest and make the most of it?

Are you:
► Starting the next chapter of your life journey?
► Looking for the next career move?
► Building the next big thing?
► Just wondering what the fuss is all about?

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be at the forefront of the market wave building massive momentum, that wave is the blockchain, and this session will get you started on the right foot.

YVR Startups Facilitated Networking

Join us for an epic, highly interactive and productive business networking event in a relaxed, non-pressure environment overlooking the beautiful Robson & Bute area.

We are determined to make this more than the 'typical networking over beer' event and want everyone to be one step closer to their startup goals even if you are introverted and are not comfortable in large crowd settings. We've been to these meetups where they throw you in a room and let you be and only the most extroverted get results while the rest go home empty handed. We want to turn that model upside down with our facilitated networking so that everyone can leave with a couple contacts they can follow up with.

The evening will be full of amazing Startupers, entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs, mingling and icebreakers' activities. There will be an awesome mix of people from all over the lower mainland. The last event was so popular, the room was filled and everyone we asked for feedback told us they got a bunch of business cards to follow up with as a result of the facilitated networking activity.

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