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How To Leverage Social Media As A Hiring Tool

1. Identify Behaviours And Writing Samples In Past Activity

The popularity of social media continues to grow both in personal and professional use, with a lot of the content staying around forever. Use social media platforms as both a medium for checking potential hires' past post types and quality (for instance, have they posted anything that could harm your brand?), as well as finding fresh writing samples.

2. Assess A Candidate’s Personality

Categorizing potential employees not only by their expertise but also by their personality traits is very important when recruiting creative roles. Having contrasting characters and opinions is key to develop an innovative team that can produce integral and unique concepts. Try using social media targeting tools to find different archetypes for a more comprehensive recruiting process.

3. Promote Your Roles On All Social Channels For The Widest Reach

When advertising for a position that’s specific to the industry you serve, incorporate the job posting into all of your owned media channels. Post the position on your website, then promote through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your newsletter campaign. Try adding Facebook ads to extend your reach. The results will be more qualified applicants and fewer dollars spent on recruitment.

4. Use LinkedIn For Targeted Recruiting

When you need someone who already has experience in your industry for an upper-level position, LinkedIn can help pull in talent with resumes that fit the exact profile you’re looking for. This platform allows for focused recruiting. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will help your vetting process and provide further insight on the candidate.

5. Involve Every Single Employee

People want to work someplace that other people love. If your staff share firsthand experiences, their testimonials become your calling card instead of basic job listings. Encourage your entire staff to share openings and, in general, be an evangelist for your brand on social media.

6.  Use Different Channels To Show Off Unique Aspects Of Your Company

Social media gives companies and candidates the tools they need to creatively share. Many use Twitter to educate, Facebook for culture and LinkedIn to share company achievements. LinkedIn Video is an up-and-coming tool that must be leveraged to engage and educate. We even suggest using Snapchat geofilters during large conferences where key talent comes together.

7. Monitor Candidate Engagement With Your Brand On Social Media

It's important to see a potential hire engaging with your company or industry on social media. Rather than asking, "Are you familiar with our clients?" you can establish if they did their research and if they "like" our clients by seeing if they've engaged online or not.

8. Inspire FOMO In Candidates With Your Social Presence

Instagram has enabled companies to brand and differentiate themselves as an employer. Communicate culture and workplace experience through a distinct voice and a focus on your people, not your services. This has the added effect of making sure you stay interesting internally. You want potential candidates to feel major FOMO (fear of missing out).

9. Observe Talent And Passion Firsthand.

Many people use social media to make it known they love their career. You can find passionate people and learn what amazing work they’ve done and creative ideas they have.

10.  Design The Perfect Recruitment Hashtag.

One effective social media recruitment strategy is using recruitment hashtags. You can either create your own recruitment hashtag or you can identify the hashtags that job seekers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook already follow. If you decide to identify already existing hashtags, keep in mind that many of the hashtags will be generic. You will need to narrow down your search to identify hashtags that are industry-specific.


Nicole Davidson