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Ace job hunting tips from recruiting experts

Last year, we posted a series of job tips for job seekers. We live and breathe all things recruitment and are excited to bring you the best job searching tips on the regular. We will be continuously updating our tips here on the Beacon blog, so continue to check back in periodically to learn some new and practical job hunting tips that you can implement right away to help your pursuit of your dream job.

Tip 1: Be Present

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile you do not exist! Make sure the information is current and you're marketing yourself to the companies you want to work for. Make sure you're following their LinkedIn pages and try engaging in the conversations they're having online.

Tip 2: Be Vulnerable

Seek out industry leaders at companies you wish you could work for; start the conversation by asking for advice and sharing admiration for their work; get the ball rolling before the job even opens up.


Tip 3: Be Ready to Mingle

Networking is key to finding a new role these days; it's about who you know. Don't limit yourself to just applying for roles via job boards. Get out there! Use holiday parties as a great excuse and build authentic connections.

Tip 4: Be Obvious

Make yourself an obvious fit for the role; mirror language in the job description, show your strengths in areas that are emphasized in the job description. Think about how you can stand out against the competition. What value can you bring to the company?

Tip 5: Be Authentic

Avoid the cookie-cutter cover letter, and resume. Consider hiring a professional to help you so you stand out from the crowd. Where else do you show up? Know that the hiring managers will google you and check out your social profiles. Use these as an opportunity to shine and to leave an impression... hopefully a positive one.


Tip 6: Be Humble-ish

Embrace the humble-brag! You've made it to the interview stage! Now it is your time to shine: time to talk about what makes you such a great fit for their role, without coming off too strong. If you're in a interview, be ready to answer questions in a concise way and be ready to provide examples to support what you're stating. Be ready for those 'give us an example of a time when' interview questions.

Tip 7: Be Courteous

Thank you's matter - follow-up post interview! A brief thank you email goes a long way. Restate your excitement for the opportunity and let your passion show. Companies want to hire people who are bursting with enthusiasm to join, not lukewarm.

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