Job Love in Action


A spotlight on ImageX

The importance of finding a job that you love is more important than the old adage that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Research suggests that job love has direct ties to your own personal wellness, has greater importance than the amount of money you earn, and provides an employee with a sense of meaningfulness. However, how does one go about finding a job that they love? One way to start is to find a company that aligns with your own personal values, and reflects a culture that you embody.

An excellent example of a company whose culture is embodied by their employees and is promoted from the top down is ImageX. ImageX is a leading open source web agency specializing in Drupal content management solutions. ImageX is one of Beacon HR’s clients, and I recently had the opportunity to go into their office and chat with a few of their employees to learn firsthand how job love can affect your outlook on work. Read on below to see why working at ImageX is so amazing:

What do you love about working for ImageX?


The level of professionalism at ImageX. The environment is casual and laid back but everyone is a professional with respect to the work they deliver both internally and externally. I have worked for agencies in the past few decades, and working at ImageX is unique in that regard. Everyone here is easy to get along with, and that is important to me. It makes my work environment good and rewarding.” - Richard, Digital Marketing

What do you enjoy about the company structure at ImageX?

The main thing that I love about ImageX is that there are no bosses but instead we have great leaders who don’t just give us commands. They lead us to success, and enable us to successfully complete projects. You can ask other people for advice because people are happy to help you and to communicate with you. You don’t feel like you are in some corporate culture. You feel almost at home; it is a friendly environment.” - Nikita, Sr. Developer


It’s a close tie between the team and projects. Everyone brings something special and unique to the table. The camaraderie between team members is genuinely a breath of fresh air and translates into remarkable team work even in the “darkest hours” of a tough project. The organization provides a platform where one’s skill sets are valued and nurtured into real world practical applications.” - Robert, Sr. Developer

What is the culture like at ImageX?

The company has a family feel to it as it is smaller in size. I chose to work here deliberately because of that. I also like the informal aspect of the office beyond being able to come into work in jeans or flip flops in the summer I like that I am able to have access to our CEO. I don’t have to go through all of this paperwork or bureaucracy to get things changed or done. People are here because they want to be here. People are able to talk about issues even if it’s not in your domain. It really lends itself to the collaborative environment.” - Brent, Business Development

ImageX is a unique company, that really embodies a friendly, fun, and family-like atmosphere and their office hosts doggie pals for the day too. They may be the kind of company that is a casual, shoes-off kind of company but you will find that they are also all about excellence and passion. ImageX is rated as the top Drupal development vendor in the world, and their passion shines through from the reviews they receive from their clients. If this resonates with you or you think this might be a great fit for someone you know feel free to check out some of ImageX’s current job openings here.

Keira Roets