Why Beacon? Part 2


Hey there Beaconites!

I'm Keira, growth partner, wellness enthusiast, and marketing savant of Beacon HR. I too am not your average, neighborhood HR person; I'm scrappy, a perfectionist, keen life-long learner and literally always on the go (I may be typing this up from Dallas, Texas). As someone who is incapable of lying (my giggles tend to give it away fast) I also believe that we need to turn the traditional HR world on its head in an authentic way. I'm here to inject some fresh blood and vision into HR along side Beacon's amazing team.

I joined Beacon HR over six months ago for two reasons:

REASON 1: Nicole Davidson

Immediately, upon meeting Nicole for the first time one fateful morning at Small Victory in Yaletown I found myself drawn not only to her infectious smile and laugh but to her drive. Nicole is an amazing leader, and I look forward to growing Beacon alongside of her for a long, long time. 


REASON 2: People

I am a people person, who thrives on building connections and finding people a place where they belong. Everyone deserves to find their tribe in life. With Beacon I have the ability to not only find people careers they love, but I have the ability to help our business partners find people who want to further their company, their dream, and their goals. It seems like a win-win all around really. 

I look forward to growing Beacon, and to continue sharing our story with you :)


P.S. the dog above is my oh-so-lovable Frenchie, Trooper!

Keira Roets