Why Beacon? Part 4


Hey there Beaconites!

I’m Jacqueline, business development maven, chocolate aficionado and Talent Strategist at Beacon HR. I joined Beacon HR a few months ago and have loved working with our amazing clients and their teams to help them achieve their goals and am 110% keen to do anything that will benefit my team and clients. If I had to pick a superpower for myself it would be my ability to connect and build a genuine rapport with all sorts of people and personalities quickly!

I chose to join for Beacon HR a few months ago for two reasons:

REASON 1: I loved Nicole's vision to create a professional services company that disrupts the traditional approach to HR & Recruitment.

REASON 2: The opportunity to work as a part of team of like-minded people who are passionate about leveraging their varied skills to positively impact companies here in Vancouver (and beyond). Getting to support job seekers along their career journeys and have long-term relationships with them is also a huge plus for me and part of why I have serious #joblove.




Keira Roets