October People & Culture Event Round-Up

Fall is officially here! We've rounded up a list of exciting events this October that should be in your calendar. See you there!

Tuesday, October 2nd:

Why belonging matters at work - A diversity and inclusion case study

Join Culture Amp and leading digital communication company, SendGrid, for a deep dive into why belonging is critical in the workplace. You’ll hear from SendGrid’s Chief People Operations Officer, Pattie Money, as well as their CEO Sameer Dholakia, and Culture Amp’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Steven Huang. Be sure to sign up online today!

Tuesday, October 9th:

LinkedIn - Talent Connect

Hosted by LinkedIn this three day conference in Anaheim, California is touted as the “event that will elevate and inspire you to reimagine not just your future, but the future of your company.” If even half of that statement is true this conference is sure to be world class. And, hey, if you’re from somewhere colder like we are the sunshine is also a nice treat!

Tuesday, October 16th:

Vital Smarts - Crucial Conversations Event

Teachings from the New York times best selling book “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High” are highlighted in this four day workshop will enable you to have those “tough” conversations that you are sometimes required to have as an HR & Recruitment Professional.

Autism in the Workplace

This inaugural conference will be lead by industry professionals who have experience supporting individuals with ASD and organisations that have successfully implemented strategies to make their workforce more neurodiverse. This conference is ideal for anyone who is wanting to learn more about autism, how to support employees who are on the spectrum and how to retain them in the workplace.

Thursday, October 18th:

Hacker X: Full Stack

HackerX started in 2012 with invite-only, face-to-face recruiting events that connect tech talent with some of the world's most innovative companies.  Hacker X has hand-picked and recruited some of the top developers in the city so you don't have to. Meet face-to-face with qualified and screened developers and make your next great hire.

Employment Standards

Is it time to brush up on your knowledge of current employment standard acts in British Columbia? Then you might want to check out this course offered through The Canadian Payroll Association to ensure you and the company you work for stay complaint and avoid litigation.

Women in Male Dominated Industries Speaker Series: Achieving More with Strategic Communication

At talk 10 of 12 you will explore communication, which, is an inherent part of every-day life and answer the question how often do we engage in purposeful communication? We could increase our odds of achieving our aims if we focus on delivering the right message, in the right time to the right audience.

Thursday, October 25th:

Informed HR Vancouver

The Informed HR Event offers you a wide range of expert-led content covering topics in employee engagement, health and wellbeing, total rewards, and retention to name a few. This full day of programming includes panels with experts, other talks and tools to enable you to be a well-informed HR Professional.

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