Why Beacon? Part 5

Hey there Beaconites!

I’m Nooshin, music-lover, foodie and HR Consultant of Beacon HR. I joined Beacon HR in the late spring of this year and have been working closely alongside of our partners to fill key roles and help them not only grow their teams but develop their internal policies as well. I love asking questions when I am working to solve a problem and believe that kindness, honesty and integrity are important qualities for a person to possess. If I had to pick a superpower for myself it would be my ability to make friends and connect with people. I believe you can learn from every person you meet. You just need to take the time to listen to their story. A fun fact about me is that Elf is one of my all time favourite movies and I LOVE Christmas.

I chose to join for Beacon HR a few months ago for two reasons:

REASON 1: Being a part of a startup that is looking to revolutionize the way companies approach HR approach and hire talent.

REASON 2: The ability to work with a variety of great organizations in different sectors.

BONUS REASON. The flexibility to work remotely is a great bonus.

Excited to share Beacon’s bright light with our current and prospective partners!

Warm regards,


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