September People & Culture Event Round-Up

Summer is drawing to a close and that means HR / People / Culture / Recruitment events are back in session. We've rounded up a list of amazing events this September that should be in your calendar. See you there!

Sunday, September 8th:

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Yacht Cruise

If you were ever looking for a fun and exciting way to learn about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain then this is the event for you. This truly unique experience takes you out on the water where you can meet some of the top trending companies in this space.

Tuesday, September 10th:

Human Resources Management Training

This workshop will give managers the basic tools to handle numerous HR-related situations including interviewing, orientation, harassment, etc. This full-day training course goes through 11 different modules that will leave you feeling prepared to take on your new HR role.

Thursday, September 12th:

Cowork & Coffee

This weekly meetup series is intended for people to get together, cowork and have morning coffees. If there is a technology you wanted to explore, or need to get some work down, or you have an hour before your morning standup meeting then you should check this out!

Tuesday, September 18th:

Webinar: How to keep up with the pace of HR technology

Technology has the ability to amplify the potential of employees, managers, and teams. Check out this webinar to see how HR can use new technology and what implications it may have on wanting to put culture first in organizations. Note: this webinar is set to go live at 2:00 am PST (I mean you could stay up for it!) but is available to stream 45 minutes after the webinar wraps up so it would make for the perfect way to start your day.

Thursday, September 20th:

WIMDI Speaker Series - Survival Behaviour for Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Talk 9 of 12 in the series explores specific strategies, behaviors and habits that women who work in male-dominated fields develop and use to help them get by. Hosted by Holly Burton, this night will definitely be a conversation starter.

Monday, September 24th:

Vancouver Startup Week: Deep Networking and Relationship Building

Time to redefine what you think networking is all about. Gone are the days of schmoozing at cocktail parties or sending a flurry of LinkedIn invites to people you don’t even know. This interactive session features investor and author, Kelly Hoey, as she provides insights into strategies that will help you advance your networking skills.

Thursday, September 27th:

Vancouver Startup Week: Practical Solutions to Employee Engagement

Why aren’t employers getting an “acceptable” return on their investment when it comes to investing money into taking care of their employees in terms of training and growth? This seminar will illuminate gaps and mismatches in employee engagement so you don’t make them too.

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