TalentLab YVR - Un-Conference

I had the opportunity to attend TalentLab YVR’s Un-Conference this past week. The event was held in downtown Vancouver at Yaletown Roundhouse and gathered 300 HR, recruitment and like-minded individuals for an evening of inspiring talks and panel discussions. While all of the talks that occurred were all insightful here are my favourites and takeaways.


Joe Granato

Company: MEC
Instagram: @josephgranato

Joe kicked off the evening as the first speaker and centred his talk around empowerment. He covered the three myths of empowerment and they are:

Myth #1 - Empowerment is something to be obtained.

Empowerment is actually not something that is given to you or that you need to see to obtain. Rather it is something that you are given.

Myth #2 - We are empowered by confidence

People project perfection and we only share the best possible parts of ourselves and lives. We have this superficial confidence. However, confidence is internal (aka it comes from within you) and is connected to your values.

Ditch the practicing perfect!

Myth #3 - Empowerment starts with some sort of grand action

You need to be less worried about the outcome and focused on the fear because it leads us to be apathetic. This apathy is what sows doubt and prevents us from taking action towards what is important to us. Normal, everyday people make marks on the world.


Steve Rio

Company: Nature of Work
Twitter: @SteveRio
Instagram: @steverio

Steve started his talk by asking the crowd to start their days in a different way by asking the following question:

What will I pay attention to today?

What you pay attention to determines the quality of your experience. We are in the most challenging time when it comes to focusing. We are in the age of distraction. We are layering technology into every single aspect of our lives without thinking about what the consequences could be. We spend time scrolling through social media feeds that aren’t enriching our lives, so, it’s on us to reclaim this time and attention. We need to wake up, take control, and turn the autopilot off!


Chrissy Abram

Company: Saje / Mndsight
Instagram: @mdnsight

Chrissy was the last speaker of the evening and introduced us all to a mindfulness exercise called Door STOP.

The supplies you need are:

  • Your breath (take a few cleansing breaths before you start)

  • Post its

  • Pen

  • Door

STOP is an acronym for:

S - Stop
T - Take a breath
O - Observe
P - Proceed

After you have gathered your supplies and have taken a few cleansing breaths, grab your post it and write down three words you wish to focus on for the day. Read through your words, remember them and then place the post it on your door before you exit through it for the day.

At the end of the day, you can come back, re-read your words and see if you were able to focus on those three things that day. If you weren’t as successful as you had hoped that is okay! Tomorrow is a new day.

In conclusion.

I immensely enjoyed my evening at the Un-Conference and feel like I have some new skills for my personal took-kit and can’t wait to employ Steve’s daily question and Chrissy’s daily activity into my life.

Keira RoetsComment