HR 101: How to craft an impactful job ad

You’re building a high performing team in a competitive market, which means your ideal candidate has options... LOTS of options. The job ad is still an important piece of your talent acquisition strategy and it can make a big impact when done right or deter great candidates if executed poorly. We’re here to steer you in the right direction with some hot tips you need to attract world class A-players in 2019.

Your job ad is a marketing tool and therefor should be marketed directly to your ideal candidate. This means you are speaking directly to your next team member and not to everyone else. Try this quick test - on your last job ad, are you receiving 200 applicants of which 10 are a potential fit? If so, your job ad needs refinement. You want to be receiving fewer applicants of which a much greater percentage are high quality. Bonus: this will also drive your cost of recruitment down!


Here’s our definitive checklist for crafting a 10/10 job ad.

  • Make sure your hiring managers and other stakeholders are aligned, don’t waste cycles

  • The job title is unique, descriptive, and uses SEO friendly keywords

  • Company description tells a meaningful story, is used as a differentiator and a hook to capture interest

  • Use values-based language to give the candidate an opportunity to opt in or opt out of your company culture

  • Use ‘you’ focussed language instead of purely ‘what you can do for us’ language

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the candidate and think about what your top performing, world-class, A-player would actually want, then hit on some of those points

  • Requirements section should not read like a laundry list but rather should showcase the impact this person could have at the company

  • Never call it a ‘requirements’ section, unless your company is super corporate and traditional, and doesn’t like fun

  • Include important information on your job ad or make it easy to find on your careers page. Important info could be:

    • Reporting structure. It’s a big selling point for a Software Engineer to report into a technical manager, for example.

    • Work environment. Do you support remote work or other forms of flexibility?

    • What area of the product will your new team member get to work on?

    • What type of juicy problems will they get to solve?

    • What type of software programs, hardware, or other tools will they get to use?

    • Big team or small?

At Beacon, we use a holistic approach to talent acquisition and employer branding. From proactive sourcing and pipeline building to your crafting a stellar inbound recruitment strategy and candidate experience, we’re here to help if you need us. Happy hiring!

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Nicole Davidson