Event Review: Pitch it! Ciel Creative

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My biggest takeaways from the evening were that you need to be aware of how you’re presenting yourself and the business you are representing to the outside world by what keywords you are using to describe it; how to describe the business to people outside of your industry but also how to contrast it against a direct competitor; how important active listening is; and finally, how important it is to take even a few hours out of your busy week to develop your pitch to help your business grow! I already can’t wait for round two!

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Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending CIEL Creative’s inaugural “Pitch It!” event. Hosted by Randa Salloum and Garth Jackson the pair took a small group of us through some exercises to refine our business pitches.

We kicked off with Garth leading us through a series of warm-up activities that are intended to help you relax, warm-up your mouth, and get ready to talk. The warm-up activities included a jaw massage, which, was very relaxing, warming up your vocal cords through a breathing exercise called “Tongue-to-Teeth” and the final was called “The Buzz”. Once, we were all warmed up and a little more relaxed that is when the fun began.

Everyone went around presenting their business pitches to the group and then received some honest, critical and educational feedback on them. After, a quick break and a round of personal refinement we had to pluck up our courage once again and present them back to the group. The amount of growth in not only our pitches but our confidence was very apparent. I couldn’t believe in such a short amount of time Garth and Randa was able to help all of us refine our pitches from where they originally started to three succinct lines and then further down to one line.

Keira Roets