April People & Culture Events Calendar

April 2nd:

Women Techmakers - How can Software developers create and grow their personal brand

Women Techmakers Surrey is proud to announce its multi-city launch event. We are starting the celebration in Vancouver by sharing some remarkable stories of our growing community of designers, developers and technology entrepreneurs. The fantastic #IamRemarkable family as we like to call it.

This event is open to both men and women who have career experiences and learnings that they want to share. We look forward to an evening of meaningful conversations and connections.

Now, about our rockstar speaker of the evening.

Samantha Ming is a Front End Developer who switched her career from business to programming. Her success has led her to become a Google Developer Expert and a writer for DailyJS. She will be talking to us about how developers, especially women developers, can grow their personal brand. She will also share her experiences of moving from a business background into technology and how she became invincible by embracing failure.

April 9th:

Understanding (& Nailing) Recruitment Marketing

Successfully attracting great talent can no longer come down to just a well-crafted ad, on a popular job board with some carefully considered descriptions of the role and company. Those post and pray tactics are a thing of the past and we’re increasingly hearing of the value and importance of recruitment marketing - a more strategic and creative method of attracting the best candidates. 

Much like the consumer marketing concept, we’re used to, recruitment marketing is essentially the practice of getting in front of our talent targets before they even know they’re interested in our brand. Can traditional marketers teach us how it’s done, do we need to align our recruitment marketing with our broader brand messaging, or should we separate the two entirely? 

Host: Sarah Blackmore - Senior Director, People, Eventbase 


Sim Tatla - Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, PayByPhone

Tia Fomenoff - Director of People and Culture, Thinkific

Madi Kot - Head of Design, Social & Employer Branding, Beacon HR

APRIL 17th:

Webinar - Predicting employee turnover to retain top talent

Join Dr. Jason McPherson, Culture Amp's Chief Scientist, to hear about our research in predicting employee turnover and how we're bringing this capability to companies of any size.

In this session, you'll learn:
- How you can leverage your data to become more strategic
- How predictions can help your core HR function deliver cost savings
- How advanced machine learning techniques can be used by businesses of any size


HR Leaders Summit - Reinventing HR in the new world of work

The HR industry is going through rapid transformation unlike ever before. This year’s HR Leaders Summit will bring together industry leaders and executives to address the most top of mind challenges and trending topics of 2019. Our timely program was researched and developed with direct input from industry experts and is focused on the overarching theme of how defining the true role of HR, navigating through periods of change and recruiting and engaging talent.

Topics will include:

  • What is the true role of HR?

  • Maintaining your unique company identity through periods of change

  • A focus on mental health & wellness

  • How to win the war for talent

  • How is AI going to change the workforce landscape?

  • Being at the forefront of diversity & inclusion

april 30th:

Webinar - Moments that create an exceptional employee experience

Feeling a sense of pride, recognition or valued for your work has a huge affect on levels of employee engagement. Join Culture Amp and Mo to find out the state of play across the world and what we can learn from other Culture First organizations. We will discuss what makes experience memorable, by focusing on the moments that matter, along with the ways you can create and elevate these moments to delight your people.

Nicole Davidson