Hiring Success 2019 - Recap

Last week I had the privilege and honour of attending the SmartRecruiters Hiring Success 2019 conference in San Francisco. Boy, was it an awesome, eye-opening, and educational two days. Amongst the myriad of break out sessions and keynote addresses I attended here are the four that stuck out to me and that I can’t wait to hear more from in the coming years.

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Art happens at the edges of the bell curve.

People First Recruiting in Tech-Driven World

Speakers: Jonathan Mears from VISA, Sandi Lurie from Optimizely, Brandon Welch from Pluralsight

Instagram: @lifeatvisa @optimizely @pluralsight

Attending this panel chat was a no-brainer for me. Technology shapes so much of our lives and will continue to, so, how can I as a Recruiter bring it back to being more “people-centric”. Here are my takeaways:

  • If you are sending reach out messages via LinkedIn you will have a far better engagement rate if the message is coming from the expert rather than the recruiter (ex: CTO for development roles)

  • Find out what motivates a candidate and relate that back to the mission, vision, and values of the company

  • Have regularly scheduled events that you can use to invite potential candidates to, so, that you always have a funnel to pull from allowing you to shift your recruitment from reactive to proactive

  • We all have the responsibility to increase diversity and inclusion

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Creating the Number One Career Destination in the Universe

Speaker: Steve Fogarty from Twitter

Instagram: @twitter @steve.fogarty

When I saw the title of this talk on the agenda I immediately clicked on the button “add to my agenda”! I wanted to know how I could create the number one career destination in the UNIVERSE, which, seems like a tall order but Steve Fogarty had us on the edges of our seats as he laid out for us how we could achieve what felt to be the impossible. Here are my takeaways:

  • Embrace intelligent technologies as they have the ability to reduce traditional repetitive, predictive and high touch HR processes by 70%

  • You have about 8-seconds on average to capture the attention of a prospective candidate

  • You need to be hyper obsessed with your end user (aka the candidates)

  • Learn where your audience is so you can get as highly targeted as possible

  • You need to build trust with your end-user through transparency

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Mind Mix: Neurodiversity at Work

Speakers: Sarah Jane Harvey from Agony Autie, Samar Birwadker from Good & Co.

Instagram: @agonyautie @goodcoapp

Speaking of increasing diversity and inclusion this Q & A with Sarah Jane Harvey from Agony Autie with Samar Birwadker from Good & Co opened my eyes to the virtues of having employees with Autism on the roster but how I can go about facilitating this. Here are my key takeaways:

  • There are many virtues of those with Autism here are three:

    • Keen attention to detail

    • Aversion to small talk

    • Hyperfocus on areas of special interest

  • We need to dispell the myth that it is the neurotypicals versus the neurodiverse and that neurotypical means “normal” - if you think about it we all have our own “operating systems”, which, inherently make us all diverse

  • As a Recruiter, we should look at different styles of interviewing so that no one falls through the cracks

I for one can’t wait to attend next years’ Hiring Success 2020 conference!

Keira Roets