XREF's Recruitment Marketing Panel - Event Review

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking on behalf of Beacon at an exclusive XREF event: Understanding (& Nailing) Recruitment Marketing. What a success it was! Firstly, I’d like to start off by thanking our amazing host Sarah Blackmore and the staff at Eventbase for allowing us to use their awesome facilities. Secondly, I’d like to shout out my fellow panelists Sim Tatla, Tia Fomenoff, and Shirley Andriesh. This group of amazing, talented and smart women left me feeling so lucky and motivated!

The evening begun as a friendly networking event for HR, marketing and recruitment people alike. It was so nice to see such a variety of people gather at this event with a common interest in recruitment marketing. With my Beacon cheer squad in the crowd, I couldn’t wait to get chatting and start answering some questions. Here were some of the highlights of the night:


Who’s doing it well?

I saw a stat recently that over 90% of companies are using social media in their hiring process. Social media recruitment has arrived, and if you want to compete for the best talent in your industry, then you need to have a presence that will impress and engage top candidates.

When I’m asked about the ideal recruitment marketing programs, I always think of the Marriott hotels. Their career page on facebook has over 1 million likes (more than the Facebook jobs page) posting engaging content at least twice a day, including workers accomplishments, what it’s like to work for an international company, and happenings across the Marriott network. There is a Marriott website specific to employment opportunities, including a ‘career chat’, available to give advice to prospects on how to apply, get accepted to jobs and the hospitality industry in general. 

Marriott careers recruits with their presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube & Snapchat.

Your company can find some of the same successes by responding quickly and effectively to questions from customers and candidates. Any additional information can help job applicants get through the hiring process faster, improve consumer opinions and make the recruiting process easier for everyone.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Great question. At a very high level, recruitment marketing is the strategy and tactics used by an organization in order to source, manage & nurture passive talent - before they apply to your job. 

Today, recruiters need to start thinking like modern marketers and think of candidates more like customers. This means building trust, awareness and engagement in your brand that’s targeted through a specific pool of talent, who may or may not be looking for a new job.

When a recruitment marking campaign is working, it keeps your company top of mind when candidates are looking for a new employer, and also inspires them to refer to your company as a great place to work.

How do you measure success?

Bottom line, you’ll see improvement in your candidate pool. If your campaigns are working and doing what you need them to, you will bring in quality applicants and fill opportunities. By highlighting your company values, mission, vision and culture through your recruitment marketing efforts, you are bound to find some great culture fits. 

Put out into the world what you want to get back. It’s just successful law of attraction -  you attract what you are. As long as you’re doing a good job of marketing your brand truthfully and organically, the rest will fall into place.


Where do you begin? What tools can you use? Budget?

Ah, my favourite question of all. We get this a lot from our Employer Branding clients, especially start-ups who are growing so fast that they can’t keep up with their recruitment and a marketing campaign all at once. What I generally tell them is that you can start with the smallest investment (time/money) and begin to see improvements.

Set a budget, even if it’s virtually $0, and start by setting aside 1-2 hours a week dedicated to your recruitment marketing campaign. Start with your social channels - Where are you active? Where should you be active? What kind of content are you sharing? Are you using these platforms to your advantage? Social Media is a powerful marketing resource that where you can start building your brand for FREE.

Already doing this and looking for ways to streamline your processes? Not enough hours in the week to hop from platform to platform and share engaging, organic content about your company? Invest in a social media scheduler such as Hootsuite or CoSchedule. These tools are lifesavers when it comes to smaller companies who may not have an entire marketing department dedicated to recruitment. 

In closing…

Recruitment Marketing is the future of talent acquisition and recruitment. Nowadays, candidates are shopping for employers just as seriously as employers are scouting talent. It’s important to market and position your brand in a way that appeals to the kind of candidates that you want to attract, and in turn, find awesome talent for your company. 

Still not sure how to get started and need some guidance? Beacon would LOVE to help. We’ll help you build a drool-worthy employer brand to attract the talent you’ve been searching for.

Madi Kot