Beaconeer Spotlight - Melisa DiPietro

Nice to meet you, Beaconites!

Iā€™m Melisa, nature lover and HR geek and part of Team Beacon. After a trip to BC this spring, I decided to move to beautiful Vancouver and join the team. I dove right in, working on an awesome client and internal facing projects remotely in Toronto until I was off on a one-way ticket to BC.

I love solving problems, coaching/being coached, and staying curious. If I had to pick a superpower, it would probably be empathy. I grew up surrounded by diversity which forced me out of my comfort zone at a really young age, so I could disassociate from my beliefs and connect with different types of people.

Somedays I wake up and wish I also had a superpower to make pockets appear on any article of clothing, which would be really useful. Aren't dresses with pockets the best!?

Fun facts about me - I lived in South Korea for a year teaching English and I can play the flute really well!

So why Beacon?

REASON 1: Being a part of an agile startup that wants to inspire better workplaces and partner with impact-driven organizations.

REASON 2: I just love my colleagues. I'm very proud to work with such a talented and supportive team.

BONUS REASON. I got to achieve one of my life goals of moving to the west coast.

Excited to make an impact with Team Beacon.

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Melisa DiPietro