Beacon Partner Feature - Charlotte from LlamaZOO

At Beacon HR we get the opportunity to partner not only with great companies but with great people too. A few months ago we embarked on a mission to help LlamaZOO find some great team members and up their employer branding strategy. If you’re curious as to why it’s so great to work at LlamaZOO then you need to meet Charlotte! Charlotte it the energetic, bubbly, glue that holds the team at LlamaZOO together. Her personality and drive for the company are very apparent in everything she touches. But, don’t take it from us; read on to see why Charlotte loves working for LlamaZOO and why you might too!

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Name: Charlotte

Company: LlamaZOO

Position: Office Manager

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you enjoy working at LlamaZOO?

I love the pace and variety of my job. One minute I'm working on hiring a candidate, next I'm demoing our visualization solutions at a mining conference and everything in between. I love the fact that everything I'm involved with helps drive the company forward. Even though I'm not a developer, everything I do makes their jobs and lives better.

What value of LlamaZOO resonates most with you and why?

Leave no llama behind. For me, teamwork is the core of everything, ever. It's about sharing the journey we're on and leaning on each other's strengths as one. Learning from one another, and those awesome high fives that come when you solve that problem and cross that finish line together.

Can you briefly tell us a little bit more about what you do at LlamaZOO?

As Office Manager, I have a wardrobe of hats. I manage hiring, office operations, bookkeeping, executive assistant tasks, event logistics, people operations - there's not much I'm not involved with helping to get done. Except, I guess the important stuff in a software company like the actual software development. But you know, developers need a lot of looking after! Llamas are fussy creatures.

Why would people want to work for LlamaZOO? What drew you to them initially?

It was the way Charles and Kevin were using gaming ideas - pairing it with new technology and really looking to disrupt the way we communicate and learn. I had knowledge of how this new tech was being used for creative and artistic storytelling, but something about solving real-world problems and shaking up traditional ways of thinking was, and is very rewarding. Seeing people's eyes light up when they understand the true potential of seeing their data brought to life is very powerful and that never gets boring. Being in that wild-west of new technology, we get to be the pioneers and the first ones on the edge of discovery, which, is also very exciting. Also, the team here is the best, like THE BEST - it's a total menagerie of different backgrounds and interests, there's a strong “herd” mentality and we all really enjoy working together.

How do you achieve work/life balance or work/life integration?

I get a lot of professional good feels from my success, but I also love that lots of llamas have similar passions. We have lots of shared nerd-isms so playing video games and going to the movies is something we love to do. The other great thing is living in Victoria, the ocean and forest are on your doorstep - we are very spoilt. So getting out and enjoying life is very easy. Definitely, if I've picked up a controller, I'm in the game and transported from thinking about work.

What are you most grateful for in this moment?

Being able to walk to work in less than 2 minutes. Moving from London, UK, I am very grateful to leave behind the 40 minutes to an hour and a half commutes. In Victoria, I've seen otters and eagles on my way to work. Like what the heck Canada!

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What does success mean to you?

Success for me is the reward of knowing that I made a difference for many and did it doing what I love - finding something that doesn't feel like work, surrounded by people that are more to me than colleagues.

What is the last new thing you learned?

Ooo!! I love learning new random stuff. Apparently they are scanning the old rainforests and with LIDAR (a type of geo-scanning that we work a lot with - it penetrates land mapping through trees with laser-beams. I don't know how this James Bond sounding stuff works so ask my tech team) and discovering that ancient ruins and cities were way bigger and more complicated than ever thought.

Finally, two fun questions:

What is your spirit age? 25

What is your spirit animal? Otter. I like how they are adaptable in water as well as out of it. and use funny tools like rocks to get their food. and also love a good nap in the sunshine.

Keira Roets