May People & Culture Events Calendar


Recruiting Brainfood: How to Hire on Reddit

Hung Lee is going to take a deeper dive into the how-to's on Reddit. Yes, you heard that right. How can we recruiters use the 7th most popular website on the planet to source - whilst respecting the rules of community?

If Talent Acquisition and candidate pipeline is a concern for you, this show is a must watch. 


Power of Opportunity: Landing your Dream Job

This event will explore how people can identify, prepare for, and take advantage of growing opportunities in our technology industry. Our panel of experts will engage in a lively discussion around:

  • The Dream Jobs: What are the growing opportunities in the tech field?

  • Getting Noticed: What do people look for when they are considering candidates for positions?

  • The Hidden Market: How can you find opportunities outside the traditional job postings?

Guest speakers include:

Nelson CookClient Manager, TEEMA Solutions Group
Wendy Knight, Senior Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge
Dan Queiros, Founding Partner, Affinity Staffing
Nousha Qasimi, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Cost Capital Savings
Scott HirschChief Technology Officer, TalentMarketplace

MAY 14TH & 15th:

Now Academy - Intro To Modern HR

We all know it. Too many companies are still bogged down in legacy HR "best practices". Our People want more (you want more!) but where do you go to learn how to lead a modern company? Where can you go to future-proof yourself?

Whether you are: currently working in a traditionally operated organization; a recent post-secondary graduate; or someone looking to transition into the People & Culture (HR) world, this bootcamp will open your eyes to the inspiring People & Culture practices of modern companies around North America. You can expect a combination of lecturing, guest speakers, a mini-hackathon, and high-energy fun from start to finish!

We are expecting guest lectures from San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, Milwaukee and of course Vancouver!

MAY 16th:

Best Practices for Neurodiverse Hiring in Tech

These days, companies of all sizes - large or small - are experiencing the unexpected benefits of hiring from this highly productive talent pool and building a more talented workforce. 

In this session, we will unpack what is and is not autism, how it presents in the workplace, and best hiring and retention practices. Learn how to get started and resources to access to build out your company’s diversity and inclusion strategy. 

This session is for those in HR and People & Culture teams, or anyone who is interested in learning more about working with those on the spectrum.


Promoting Your Personal Brand

If you haven't fully committed to building your personal brand yet, it's time to go all-in. Join us on May 23rd for a hands-on workshop with Natasha Jeshani from TAFA Consulting Corp. on how to promote your personal brand. This event is exclusive for members.

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6:00 - 6:15 PM Registration and Networking
6:15 - 8:15 PM Personal Branding Workshop
8:15 - 8:45 PM Networking and Wrap-up

Light refreshments will be provided.

Join us on April 25 to explore how we can all step up in our local community! Our incredible group of female speakers will discuss how they act as leaders in our Vancouver community by stepping up to make our world a better place


Webinar: Philosophy vs. Practicalities: Building out your HR Technology Stack

Building an organization that is culture first has never been more challenging, but it starts by laying essential foundations that support the navigation of rapid growth. This requires the right HR stack to match your business, culture, and strategy. With the tensions that emerge between the ideal culture you want to create, and the practicalities of growing a business, we will consider how to implement, manage, and evolve your HR stack to support your journey.

Madi Kot