Beacon Partner Feature - Samantha from ImageX

At Beacon HR we get the opportunity to partner not only with great companies but with great people too. We have been working alongside ImageX for nearly two years now to continuously help them find great team members and bolster their company culture. If you’re curious as to why it’s so great to work at ImageX then you need to meet Samantha! Samantha is a driven, thoughtful, and energetic Project Manager at ImageX. Her personality and drive for the company are very apparent in everything she touches. But, don’t take it from us; read on to see why Samantha loves working for ImageX and why you might too!

Name: Samantha

Company: ImageX

Position: Project Manager

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you enjoy working at ImageX?

The people and the projects. Equally, my team at ImageX and clients allow my career feel more like a hobby - and I love that.

What value of ImageX resonates most with you and why?

At ImageX, we have a solid set of core values, but the one that most resonates with me is Succeeding Together. I'm a team player so my team is ultimately what motivates me to work hard. Success in our workplace is 100% a team sport and this mindset fosters a collaborative and positive environment.

Can you briefly tell us a little bit more about what you do at ImageX?

I get to work with the most talented people across all areas of the business. I am a project manager; I manage people, I manage the process, and I manage risk. My focus is to create an environment within a project delivery team where conversations, decisions and quality work can take place.

Why would people want to work for ImageX? What drew you to them initially?

They have a roster of smart and authentic people alongside a vision of growth and opportunity. I took a chance moving across the country to work for ImageX but that's only half of it because they did the same in choosing to bring me here. Joining their team felt very much like a decision we made together. Within the first week, I knew it was going to be great and I haven't looked back since. The leadership at ImageX is patient, transparent and direct in their recruitment process allowing candidates to really understand the role and decide if the team and culture is a fit for them. They understand the risk in reactive hiring and that's key.


How do you achieve work/life balance or work/life integration?

ImageX makes it very easy to achieve a good work/life balance. They are trusting of their team and mindful of workloads. They are also flexible with remote work and office hours. That being said, work/life balance is not all about the company, it's also about the maturity of you as the employee. You must be able to communicate your own boundaries and needs. This is something I learned early on in my career.

What are you most grateful for in this moment?

To have a healthy mind and to be part of a team that I feel appreciates the value I am working hard to add.

What does success mean to you?

Learning and evolving.

What is the last new thing you learned?

That lack of memory can be attributed to moving too quickly and ultimately not being present. I found journalling is a good exercise to help with this.

Finally, two fun questions:

What is your spirit age? Forever 21.

What is your spirit animal? My dog, Base!

Keira Roets