Disrupt HR - Event Recap

A couple weeks ago, Beacon launched their first Instagram giveaway campaign. One lucky winner received 2 free tickets to DisruptHR Vancouver, and I was so lucky to attend this event on behalf of Beacon! Our winner, Cassandra, brought her +1 (Natalie), and the three of us revelled in an evening of juicy HR and recruitment topics. What a night it was! Keep reading for my event recap and takeaways from some of the industry leading speakers.

If you’ve never attended Disrupt HR before, one of the most interesting features of the event is that each speaker is only given 5 minutes to present their “disruptive” practices! During the program, they also provided on-site childcare to encourage parental attendance as well as English-American Sign Language interpretation. There were three presentations that resonated with us:


Speaker: Saleema Chaudhry

Talent Aquisition Manager @ Pay by Phone

Saleema spoke about her approach to finding a candidate’s core values when they sometimes don’t know their values themselves. It’s even more important to flush out current employees’ core values to ensure they align with your company. In a tight job market where competition is high, it can sometimes feel like current employees have wandering eyes but if your company aligns with their values they are more likely to stay.

Speaker: Emma Bradford

Talent Advisor @ Vancouver Airport Authority

Emma shared her experience interviewing potential candidates and her inability to speak to her company’s culture because she wasn’t involved in building it. She realized things needed to change especially when attracting talent.

Her Secret Sauce:

  1. Show up

  2. Tell candidates what their experience will be like based on your own experience

  3. … which will only be possible by showing up

Main takeaway: It’s not enough just talking about your culture, you must be willing to participate and generate it.


Speaker: Paulina Cameron

CEO @ Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

During Paulina’s presentation, she held her newborn baby while discussing childcare policies that support parents to make personalized choices. We should acknowledge that everyone’s family situation is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach is becoming antiquated in our diversified society. One issue that is still a work-in-progress: the encouragement of men taking paternity leave and decreasing the stigma around it.

Sarah Soh