Minerva BC - Volunteer Recap

What do you get when you put 50 Grade 11 girls, mentors, speakers, facilitators and staff together for one weekend?

Well, your Beaconeers Keira and Melisa went to go find out! On Saturday, May 25th we spent some time volunteering with Minerva BC's Learning to Lead program. Putting on our mentor/facilitator hats, we began the afternoon by watching an inspiring mentorship panel, which, was followed by a World Café discussion on the topics of mentorship and sponsorship.

Here are the principles of the World Café we learned that day:

  • How to share collective discoveries 

  • Context setting 

  • How to create a hospitable space 

  • Exploring questions that matter 

  • Encouraging everyone’s contributions 

  • Connecting diverse perspectives 

  • Listening together for insights


There were 3 rounds of small group discussions, each 15-minutes long - we even got to host a table of our own and help to facilitate some creative dialogue around mentorship and sponsorship.

The purpose of the World Café was to link and connect previous groups ideas with the next group's ideas. The girls got fairly creative using words, stickers, pipe cleaners, and drawings - and at the end, each group had some time to come up with a creative presentation that they were to deliver to the entire room! Our cheeks hurt from smiling so much, especially during those final presentations - we might never look at a hula hoop the same way again.

On Monday, Melisa wrapped up our time with Minerva BC by heading out to Moscrop Secondary School in Burnaby to participate on a short mentorship panel in front of almost 200 grade 11 students.

We really enjoyed meeting so many young, inspiring future leaders who are developing and exploring their leadership potential.

Minerva BC is a registered, non-profit charitable organization. For more information about MinervaBC including its Learning to Lead program, please visit their website.

Keira Roets