Careers 101: Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

A polished and professional resume is literally the key to your success in getting past the gatekeepers (aka Recruiters) and through the critical resume screening stage. We have rounded up our top tips and tricks to ensure your resume is ready for you to use to apply for the role of your dreams.  

1. Tailor your resume for the role you are applying for as nothing screams a lack of eagerness than a generic resume that is copy + pasted. 

2. To take it another step further, we would recommend mirroring language used in the job description in your resume.

3. Check your grammar and punctuation! This cannot be stressed enough, especially if you state on your resume or cover letter that you have “high attention to detail”. A quick solution is to use the tool Grammarly!

4. Organize the information you are sharing into easy to read sections. If the sections have headings it will also make it easier for AI-driven Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to pick up your data.

5. Make it aesthetically pleasing. That doesn’t mean you have to be an InDesign pro to make it pretty! There are easy to use templates available online that ensures your resume is polished and looks as presentable as possible.

6. Additionally, if your resume is aesthetically pleasing you should make all other supporting documents look and feel the same. 

7. Sometimes too much information can be overwhelming. Try to keep your resume to one page and only up to two pages total if absolutely necessary. Ideally, you will drive the Recruitment Team towards your LinkedIn profile to gather more information about your work history, skillset, and endorsements.

8. Don’t include too much personal information on your resume. We don’t need to know your marital status, where you were born, or you Social Insurance Number. Those are all private details that can be kept confidential. (Also, you don’t want someone to steal your identity!)

9. Do include an executive statement or a summary of yourself at the top of your resume. It gives us a brief snapshot of who you are as an individual.

10. Most importantly - have a little fun with it! 


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Keira Roets