July People & Culture Events Calendar

JUly 3

Lunch & Learn - Imposter Syndrome in Tech

How many people did you fool today? Let's talk about Imposter Syndrome. The imposter phenomenon, first described by psychologists in the 1970s, is the persistent feeling of being exposed as a fraud, of doubting one's accomplishments. It is commonly experienced in the tech industry. The more we talk about it, the more we can find ways to rise above - no matter what environment or career journey you find yourself in.

This week's Lunch & Learn topic is presented by our very own Melisa DiPietro. Beacon’s people, culture & growth pro who’s on a mission to help make work better. Join us for a discussion on imposter syndrome in the tech industry and learn techniques to feel like less of an imposter. We’ll see you there!

JUly 4

Pitch Night Vancouver

On July 4th we're hosting our next Pitch Night Vancouver in partnership with Startup Vancouver! This one will be hosted at Terminal.

Volition Events has hosted 60+ pitch events across Canada, the U.S., and Europe. This event provides a comfortable space for entrepreneurs to gain practical experience and valuable feedback on their 3-minute pitch and presentation, in front of an industry panel and live audience.

REGISTER TO PITCH (3-minute pitch): https://forms.gle/k26TNcNwtbZ8V7mZ9


  • Paul Brassard: Co-Founder and Lead Advisor, Volition (Host)

  • Colin McWhinnie: CEO of CanadaStartup and Volition Advisor - Sales

  • TBC

Who Attends Volition pitch events?

Entrepreneurs, investors, educators, students, supporters, and those who are just plain curious. All genders, ages, and backgrounds are invited to attend. Women's Pitch Night attracts upwards of 100 engaged audience members keen to make solid connections.

The pitchers: startups at any stage looking for practical experience pitching their company. This is a great opportunity to try out messaging and learn where areas of improvement are.

The Panel: experts from the startup community from a variety of backgrounds.

JUly 9

Tech Ladies Vancouver Meetup co-sponsored by Galvanize and Trulioo

We're back for with a unique twist on our networking event: our kind friends at Galvanize and Trulioo have invited us to come together for a joint sponsored event held at Galvanize’s office downtown. Part of the evening will be dedicated to an optional speed mentorship program as well, but otherwise, come for the food, wine and good company. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About our space sponsor:

Galvanize builds security, risk management, compliance, and audit software to drive change in some of the world’s largest organizations. They unite and strengthen individuals and entire companies through their integrated HighBond software platform.

About our food and drink sponsor:

Trulioo is a global identity and business verification company that provides secure access to reliable, independent, trusted data sources to instantly verify individuals and business entities online. Trulioo’s marketplace of identity data and services available through a single API, GlobalGateway, helps organizations comply with AML and KYC requirements by automating and digitizing customer due diligence workflows across borders.

JUly 9

Webinar: Optimizing the manager - employee relationship

Managers are a critical part of raising the standard of performance management at your organisation, but are we setting managers up to successfully guide their employees through the performance management process? Join this session to hear how to make sure these conversations are having the right impact.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Introduce a ‘growth mindset’ and decouple development and performance conversations

  • Help managers avoid biases in writing performance reviews
    Set your managers and teams up for success through concepts of alignment, transparency, ownership and commitment

JUly 10

#CubeSocial: Bringing your VR/AR Title to Market

There are a lot of new technologies/content constantly being launched in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Don't miss the opportunity to see them first hand at The Cube Vancouver. (RSVP required) This is an opportunity for all of us in the AR/VR/MR community to connect, network, and have some fun after work. We’ve invited the tenants at The Cube, the Cube Board of advisors and all of you!

Of course, we’ll have the AR/VR gear out for all to play along.


Bringing your VR/AR Title to Market: A few VR/AR titles have just recently been launched by Vancouver based companies. We will bring them on stage to share the challenges and techniques for bringing a succesfull VR/AR title to market. We will also be discussing all-things-related to E3 2019. Stay tuned for more details about the panel.

July 10

Webinar: Building company cultures one human at a time

Culture is the biggest lever that any organization has to drive performance. Employees want to feel understood and valued as human beings while also being empowered and supported by leaders in their organization. Leaders who intentionally design, invest in, and prioritize their organization’s culture tend to experience an improvement in financial performance and customer satisfaction. We call this being “Culture First”.

What does being Culture First mean to you and your organization? In this session, Culture Amp’s Chief People Officer, Golbie Kamarei will share strategies and insights on how to harness collective intelligence, data, mindfulness, company values, leadership and performance management to impact company culture, one human at a time.

July 25

WIMDI Speaker Series - Job Search Secrets: AI, Applicant Tracking & LinkedIn

In 2019, The WIMDI Speaker Series is inviting engaging speakers each month to give talks on topics that help women kill it at work. Welcome to Talk 8 of 12 - Job Search Secrets: AI, Applicant Tracking Systems & LinkedIn

Getting hired is becoming increasingly automated. Employers are increasingly using electronic Applicant Tracking Systems to create large databases of candidates that they filter through using both AI and keyword search. Only once you pass through those filters do you get a human set of eyes on your resume, making it more complex than ever to get to the first round interview.

This talk will focus on all of the things you need to know to get a job interview in the new reality of machine learning, AI, and applicant tracking systems.

We’ll cover:

  • Getting your resume layout and keywords optimized to get you hired

  • What recruiters are looking for on LinkedIn (and how to make sure your profile has it!)

  • What do AI and Machine learning mean for job seekers

  • How employers filter through your social media to decide if you're hireable

The goal of this talk is to make sure you're the most hireable person on the internet! This talk will be given by Keira Roets, Talent Manager at Beacon HR.

Keira is our Head of Community and Talent Manager at Beacon HR, and Founder of KeiraRoets.com where she gets to empower others through finding jobs they love. Keira is Beacon’s first team member - she’s been here since almost the very beginning.

Doors open at 5:30 for mingling and socializing. The official start time is 6pm, with additional networking time to follow. We’ll see you there!

Nicole Davidson