HR 101: Onboarding With Ease

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is defined as the action or process of integrating a new team member into an organization.

Why is onboarding important? 

There are many reasons as to why onboarding is important and here are a few:

  • To reduce team turnover as 22% of turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment.

  • So new team members feel connected and don’t feel neglected.

  • To ensure the work they signed up for doesn’t change or wasn’t misrepresented.

  • So new team members feel set up for success as 69% of new team members are more likely to remain at a company for three years if there is a well-structured onboarding program.

Tips & Tricks for a successful onboarding process:

  • Start onboarding ahead of their first day! 

    • Send the new hire any additional paperwork they need to fill out and collect any additional details you need so they can hit the ground running on day one! This includes not only setting up licenses and tools but any equipment they may need as well.

  • Send them an agenda (ideally for the first two weeks), parking or transit instructions, dress code, and who their office buddy is going to be.

  • Set-up regular check-ins with new team members to conduct a pulse check. We recommend:

    • End of Day 1

    • End of Week 1

    • 30, 60 & 90 day marks

  • At the end of their first 90 days, deploy a survey to check-in with the new team member to see if you have delivered on everything that was promised during the hiring process and to see what we can do better for the next new hire

  • Integrate your company’s culture at every possible point so it becomes ingrained before day one.

We are all about building culture at Beacon HR through our various methods and would love to help you and your team! If you’re curious about learning more be sure to connect with us through social or by emailing us at


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Keira Roets