Careers 101: Cover Letter Writing Tips & Tricks

Having a polished and professional cover letter is as important as having a polished and professional resume. We are here today to share with you some tips & tricks to ensure your cover letter is ready to submit along with your resume! 

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Here’s how:

  • Write a fresh cover letter for each role you are applying for. A good recruiter can sniff out a copy & pasted cover letter from a mile away.

  • You can use a template for stylistic purposes! Ideally, it will be as aesthetically pleasing as your resume and is styled the same.

  • Be sure to include the hiring manager's name or the person whom you’d be reporting to name.

  • Showcase why you are the best fit for that role referencing skills and characteristics the job description calls for. Using key statistics highlight this very quickly! Embrace the humble-brag but don’t be too braggy.

  • Explain how YOU can help the company and now how they can help you.

  • Write in the company’s voice and use similar verbiage.

  • Keep the close of your cover letter short and sweet, and be sure to finish strong!

  • Have someone else put their eyes on it. A good writer always uses an extra set of eyes to help with the editing process.

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Keira Roets