WIMDI - Event Recap

As Beacon’s original Talent Acquisition specialist, I was asked to speak at the WIMDI event (Women In Male Dominated Industries) in front of over 100 women and men. Hosted by the Galvanize office in downtown Vancouver, the goal of the talk was to help make people the most hireable on the internet. 

The talk covered four areas:

  • LinkedIn and what Recruiters look for

  • Resume optimization

  • Social screening

  • “Smart” Applicant Tracking Systems

If you missed out on my appearance at this event, here are some key takeaways:



You need to make your LinkedIn profile as SEO friendly as possible. Use all of the keywords without it coming across as being too jargony, buzzwordy, or inauthentic. Use the most searchable job title possible when inputting your work experience to your profile. Be sure to endorse other peoples’ skills and provide recommendations so they do the same for you.

Resume Optimization:

Similar to how you need to make your LinkedIn profile SEO friendly, you need to make sure that your resume is organized in a way that ensures that it is screened properly by Applicant Tracking Systems that are becoming smarter. Use headings and terms that are mirrored in a job application. Mirror the language in the job description and be sure to highlight in your resume the skills you have that make you the best-fit candidate for that role.

Social Screening:

You’d be remiss to think that Recruiters aren’t Googling you or checking your social profiles ahead of hiring you. They could even go so far as to utilize 3rd parties that specialize in this such as FAMA.io without your prior knowledge. These companies screen for bigotry, hatred, sexism, and anything else the employer may want to know about you. So, in short, lock down your social profiles and give yourself a Google to see what others can see about you. 

“Smart” ATS’s: 

As mentioned above, ATS’s are becoming smart. They are using AI & machine learning to make recruiters’ lives easier. Instead of having to manually review hundreds of applications for one role an ATS has the ability to crawl your resume, cover letter, and application questions to see who on paper would make the “best-fit” for that specific role. If your application is incomplete or isn’t optimized then you have the chance of not even making it through the resume review process. 

Keira Roets