HR 101: Interviewing Do's & Dont's

Interviewing as a candidate may seem intimidating, however, it can be equally as intimidating for the hiring manager as well! We’ve compiled a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to help you get started so you can feel prepared to find that next great team member. 


  • Establish rapport from the get-go. Greet them with a pleasant smile and a firm handshake, and set the agenda for the interview from the outset.

  • Ask open-ended questions. Lead with questions that start with how, what and when to keep the conversation flowing. Set some probing questions so you are able to dig a little deeper into key areas. 

  • Be critical of their behaviour as behaviour reflects a culture fit. At the same time, you should also consider their personality and values. Ask yourself “do they align with our team?”

  • Be aware of their choices when they are answering questions. Ask candidates questions such as “Describe a time where you had to make a difficult decision?” -> Did they learn something new? Were they able to go above & beyond the call of duty to get the job done? Decision-making skills are important no matter what role they are in (technical vs. non-technical).

  • Get help or assistance from a team of recruitment and retention specialist, like your friends here at Beacon HR! Skilled recruiters, such as our team members, are aware of how competitive the market is and we have had to adapt our skill set and methods to go above and beyond our competitors.

  • Ask what the candidate’s expectations are. You should take the time to find out if they have any specific goals in mind, and what excites them about the opportunity. This poses another opportunity in the interview process to see if your goals and values align.

  • Talk about the next steps in the interview process and give timelines as to when they will definitively hear back from you one way or another. Closing the feedback loop is so important! You don’t want to leave a candidate hanging in limbo. Articulating the timeline is as important; you want to make sure that the candidate also, isn’t at further interview stages than where you are at with them, especially for tech or niche roles where top candidates get snapped up QUICK!


  • Lie about or misrepresent the job. You must be transparent about the role and what it entails.

  • Avoid candidates with great potential and you should always bear in mind a candidates’ growth potential as you may have a “diamond in the rough”.

  • Avoid interviewing passive candidates. This is where a Sourcing Specialist, like Sara or Kevin from Team Beacon comes in; they know how to hook potential passive candidates they may not be actively looking for a new opportunity. 


Keira Roets