HR 101: Leveraging AI in HR


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing HR in a revolutionary way. How HR professionals choose to utilize this amazing new technology now will shape how successful your People & Culture Teams are in the future. A common concern is that AI will be the demise of HR, however, that is far from the truth. HR will always be people-focused. AI is here to stay so embrace it!


Reducing bias

What AI will assist with and solve is bias. Humans are biased and it is easier to reprogram an algorithm than it is to reset deeply ingrained human-based bias. AI is immune to racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination. Another area that AI enhances HR is through increasing diversity by highlighting the best-fit candidate without the filter of bias.


Part of solving the problem with bias is that AI also eliminates the never-ending paper trail, which frees up your time by reducing admin tasks on your plate. Another admin task that AI solves is answering all of those FAQ’s that new hires tend to have regarding vacation policy, statutory holidays, and payroll to name a few.

Chatbots in recruitment

Chatbots are being rolled out through HRIS platforms to free up even more of your valuable time. In terms of recruitment, AI can set algorithms and rules so that candidates receive timely correspondences from the company they are applying to which could help create a more favourable candidate experience.

Performance management

Performance reviews create immense amounts of data that takes an HR professional or a team of them a lot of time to sort and sift through. That is where AI can step in to organize all of the data so it is easily digestible and ready to be actioned. AI can also design performance objectives and behavioural assessments that can even identify employees “on their way out”. AI is able to flag outliers and detect a change in tone from the employee in question and report it back to their supervisor.

As AI takes over some of the logical, hard skills and tasks, EQ demanding soft skills will be in higher demand. Recruitment processes will need to be revamped to better uncover soft skills.


  • HR will always be people-focused

  • Don’t be scared of new technology; specifically, AI

  • AI can streamline many aspects of an HR professionals job

  • AI can analyze mass amounts of employee data collected by performance and behavioural reviews

  • AI helps to eliminate bias in the recruitment process.

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