Year in Review

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Beacon began as a side hustle, dreamed up outside of my full-time job, in early 2017. I’d go to sleep thinking about what it would look and feel like, how we would be different, who our customers would be and how much fun I’d have creating and building something from the ground up. Working with growing companies, there’s a strong parallel between how we work to build internally and in turn, how we help clients create and build something great too.

2017 was my year of ‘yes’, of filling my brain to the brim with every piece of content I could until I was finally brave enough to take the leap. A year and a half ago, the company I was working for let me pursue my dream and go down to three days a week. The project I’d been managing was up and running and would start moving into the maintenance/steady operation phase, so it was a well-timed win-win. Still, I was so lucky. Part-time meant that I had stability while I took on two clients on the side and learned some early lessons in a low-risk way. I did things like bookkeeping, learning that sometimes a company’s payments are really, really late and cash flow is a very real thing. I honed managing my time like a ninja and how to effectively work remotely. When my clients were growing like crazy I made my first hire, who joined Beacon as a side hustle to her own full-time job. There are a lot of ambitious, driven people in this city and I was lucky enough to be referred to her, our amazing Keira. January 2018 to now, marks one year of a full-time, pedal to the floor, building, and Beaconing! A few of my favourite parts: sitting down with a prospective client and seeing the lightbulb moment, when they understand that there’s an alternative way to recruit and manage HR, a better, more efficient approach, and better way to work; seeing my team live in a full, abundant, nearly limitless way where their work is so beautifully integrated into their lives; talking to moms and dads who have incredible work experience (we’re talking 20+ years working for amazing companies at very senior levels) who also have the lightbulb moment, excited that Beacon could be the best next career fit for them.

Some pieces of this year have come with ease and excitement, and some have felt plain hard, like heavy soul de-energizing hard. I’m ending this year feeling equally grateful for the easy/exciting, and hard/fearful moments. We’re heading into 2019 with wide eyes and big goals and we’re here to win, which means helping our clients win. We have an amazing team who’s jazzed about building something big, juicy, and beautiful, and we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it.

Thank you to everyone who’s lifted us up in some way this year, from a high five to random words of encouragement and of course, our amazing partners.

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