Nicole Davidson

Meet Nicole, Founder and CEO of Beacon HR. She’s not your neighbourhood HR person. She’s an entrepreneur at heart, disruptive by nature, and out to do HR in an authentic and revolutionary way. Nicole believes the transactional staffing agency model is broken - she knows this because she lived it! After almost 10 years recruiting for fast-growing companies, both as the third party agency and in-house, she dreamed of a better way... Beacon was born in 2017, inspired by her West Coast upbringing and a vision to be the brightest light, guiding your growing company to greatness in a competitive talent marketplace and changing world of work. She believes in inspiring lives worth loving through stronger work life integration, connectivity, and better, bolder workplaces.


Madi Kot

Meet Madi, Beacon’s very own Creative Design Dynamo. Madi is storyteller who helps us elevate our clients’ aspirations into drool-worthy employer branding campaigns. Madi creates visual assets and social narratives that get jobseeker's heads turning. Madi is our resident creative soul who loves making things beautiful, unique, and functional. We love this about Madi. Madi is an avid adventurer, transplanting herself from the Canadian Prairies to the best coast -- oops, we mean West Coast. She holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.


Gabrielle Garon

Meet Gabrielle, our resident copywriter. Gabrielle smooths out our copy, helps us tell our story, and backspaces over jokes that went just a little too far. While Gabrielle’s day job is leading a people and culture function at a national retailer, she’s having a love affair with us at Beacon writing to her heart’s content. Gabrielle loves writing about all things career, HR, and leadership. When she’s not writing about people and culture or helping us tell our clients’ stories, she’s working on her upcoming novel.

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Our original CNO (Chief Napping Officer) Trooper, is an integral part of the Beacon team. Don’t let this cute face fool you. Troop helps oversee projects, making sure we stay on target with our daily treat quotas and long walks around the block. When he isn’t sourcing high quality dog treats and playing fetch, he’s upping his nap game to be the best CNO he can be. Who can resist this face? We sure can’t.


Keira Roets

Meet Keira, Talent, Culture, and Recruitment specialist and Beacon’s first team member - she’s been here since almost the very beginning. There are many reasons we love Keira such as her outstanding customer orientation and the fact that she thrives in the start-up world (because that means she’s scrappy, and we like that). Keira is our spin class loving, entrepreneurial, fast-moving, all-hands on deck growth expert who came to us with a breadth of experience in customer experience and agency recruitment. She holds a degree in Communication from SFU and enjoys long walks on the beach. Kidding, short walks with her Frenchie, Trooper, on the beach.


Melisa DiPietro

Meet Melisa, people, culture & growth pro who’s on a mission to help make work better. Melisa gets excited about creating environments centered around continuous improvement because that’s what builds adaptability and resilience in people-- we think she’s right. She’s into coaching, people operations, learning, and she used to be a science teacher. STEM is one of her favourite topics to geek out. If she’s not out there influencing the way we look at HR and work then she’s probably on a patio somewhere drinking sangria or lacing up for a run. Originally hailing from T.O. she brings to the Beacon team a plethora of HR experience including recruiting for almost impossible to fill tech roles in the startup space. Her moxie is complemented with a B.Sc, B.Ed from Western University and a post-grad from Humber College in HR Management.


Sarah Soh

Meet Sarah, our talent mapping, community building, research-savvy, Talent Acquisition & Optimization Specialist. We set Sarah on the case and she finds us the best of the best, the crème de la crème. She’s in this business because she loves the thrill of finding people their dream jobs and finding clients their dream people. She excels at bringing people together. Sarah brings a serious track record of sales and recruitment results for tech companies, big and small, as well as a BA in Sociology. If that wasn’t enough her friends call her the Sensei of skincare --- you heard that right. Make way for the new triple threat. She’s got that hustle that we love and is presently using it to study HR part-time at BCIT. Watch out world, Sarah Soh is on Team Beacon.


You? We’re hiring!

Are you resourceful and creative? Do you consider yourself to be a hustling, passionate, talent acquisition pro? Then you need to join Team Beacon and start something incredible with us.

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